Melissa Sky-Eagle
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February 1, 2008

             I had the pleasure of acting as the major professor for Dr. Melissa Sky-Eagle during her doctoral studies at the Thornton School of Music of the University of Southern California. During our work together of several years, I formed an extremely high opinion of Dr. Sky-Eagle, both as a musician and as a person.
            Dr. Sky-Eagle is a consummate musician, exemplifying the very best of comprehensive musical skills. She is a virtuoso pianist, who can play the most demanding repertoire, and whose performances move and inspire audiences. She is a sensitive, knowledgeable teacher, bringing to her students exactly the right balance of challenge and encouragement. She is a skilled sight-reader and experienced collaborator (accompanist), having built a reputation for collaboration that places her in constant demand in the Los Angeles area. Her communication skills are outstanding, so that she is able to speak meaningfully about her art and how it might relate to life’s larger issues.
            These attributes are supplemented by her superb personal character. She is cheerful and outgoing, a joy to work with. She is dedicated to high purpose, both in her art and her personal life. She can be counted on to meet challenges successfully and achieve goals.
            I would recommend Dr. Melissa Sky-Eagle as a strong candidate for any position at an institution of learning, be it a university or a private school; for all collaborative undertakings by musicians or musical groups; as a musical director for theater groups, churches, or events planners; and most certainly as a performing soloist of the highest quality.  
Dr. Stewart Gordon
Professor of Keyboard Studies
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
April 29, 2012
This letter is to enthusiastically recommend Melissa Sky-Eagle as a musical director/vocal arranger.
This last Spring, Melissa served as the musical director for a production of LOVE(SICK), an original performance piece I directed at Los Angeles Valley College. I can't speak highly enough of Melissa's work for this production.
Not only did she perform superbly the usual functions of a musical director--she taught and coached the vocals and she conducted the four-piece band--but, since many of the twenty-some songs were contemporary pieces for which there were no available charts, Melissa did a number of take-downs and a ton of original vocal and instrumental arrangements. She was a dream to work with, always prepared, always prompt, always positive, always open to change as this brand new show evolved through the rehearsal process. And she went above and beyond her role as musical director with really delightful and sensitive creative contributions to the show. Her musical knowledge is broad and deep, her musicianship is impeccable, and her taste and her dramatic sense are first-rate. She was, in sum, an absolutely terrific collaborator and somebody I would work with again in a heartbeat.
I can recommend Melissa without reservation, and I am grateful for the opportunity to comment on her remarkable abilities. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you should need further details.
Chris Coddington
Assistant Professor, Acting and Director
Los Angeles Valley College
Valley Glen, CA
Dr. Sky-Eagle’s piano students say:

“Dr. Melissa Sky-Eagle is a wonderful teacher! I have learned a lot from her. I love her piano classes, because she is so nice. At the same time, she demands a lot. She has a lot of patience; and she explains everything so well that anyone can understand. She is amazing!”

“Melissa Sky-Eagle is a very good piano instructor. She’s patient, but firm, kind, thorough, caring, considerate and professional.”

“Dr. Sky-Eagle is very talented at what she does. She strives to get the most out of her students. She pushes them to grow, according to how much they are willing to work. She’s great at helping people realize their potential, and achieving it.”